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In the noisy world we live in, Diamond Soul brings our attention back to the thing that most matters in our lives—character. With a strong biblical foundation, Vasilca guides us through essential Christian virtues that not only mold us but lift us up to a higher way of living. This book takes us on a journey that is clear, practical, and in-depth. I recommend it to anyone who actively intends to grow in character and become the person God created you to be.


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The Diamond Soul: 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character



  In the Diamond Soul, George Vasilca takes the reader on a journey to becoming more Christ-like, a path that many Christians start out on, but few ever accomplish.  Many authors have attempted this feat, but have often failed.  This is what makes the Diamond Soul stand apart from all other books based on Christian morality – Mr. Vasilca succeeds in his efforts.


  Mr. Vasilca compares the process of Christian maturity to that of a diamond.  When a diamond is first formed within the earth, it’s just a stone; it holds no true value.  However, in the hands of an accomplished diamond cutter -  it is cut and polished until it is an item of beauty and splendor – holding priceless value.  So it is with man’s soul.  For our souls to be worthy of any value to God – we must allow him to be our master cutter.  We must allow him to cut and polish us as He sees fit – until we become a product that reflects His superiority.


  Mr. Vasilca starts our journey by taking a look at man’s character and contrasting it to the character of Jesus.  It was during my study of this portion of the book that I realized there were many gaps in my process to a Diamond Soul.  I often had to stop and assess those areas in which I was failing and ask God for guidance on correction.


  Once the examination of Jesus’ character is complete, Mr. Vasilca begins the process of explaining the path toward a Diamond Soul character.  He defines this process as a process of 5 stepping stones, each one dependent on the one before it.  Each stepping stone is comprised of virtues that God has provided for us to attain.  Those virtues are Faith, Hope, Love, Justice, Temperance, and Fortitude.


  Stepping Stone One is based on Faith, Hope, and Love and examines what it means to be considered a Christian and to lead a Christian life.  Stepping Stone Two comprises the virtues of Prudence, Responsibility, and Courage.  The question ‘Who Are You?” is asked and takes the reader into a look at what makes us each unique and why we are the way we are.  It discusses the differences between reactive and proactive individuals what changes we need to make in order to become proactive in our quest for a Diamond Soul.


  Stepping Stone Three comprises the virtues of Hope, Perseverance, and Justice.  In this chapter, the prospect of personal leadership is addressed.  We are to learn from our past so we can shape the present and future.  By taking leadership of our life, we can learn how to better measure our time and do only those tasks that are relevant; this allows us to better spend our time focusing on the important things that truly matter.


  Stepping Stone Four is comprised of Temperance and Strength.  Here we learn about the significance of time and its impact upon our lives.  This allows us to better manage our time to fulfill the plan that God has laid out for us.  Stepping Stone Five is comprised of attributes such as Patience, Kindness, and Justice.


  I would consider Stepping Stones 1-4 as part of the cutting stage – identifying and cutting out the part of your life that is irrelevant so that the relevant portions can shine through.  Stepping Stone 5 is the polishing stage.  It discusses other attributes and virtues that we can apply to our lives so our souls can shine as brilliant as a diamond.


  Once I started reading the book, it was hard to put down.  I was forced to examine my daily walk with Christ in a new light.  I realized I was wasting much of my time on mundane tasks – essentially running in circles without accomplishing much.  I was forced to take personal management over my time and actions and focus on the areas in which I felt God as truly calling me toward.


  The path to a Diamond Soul is not an easy one.  It’s one filled with daily examination and being fully opened to God’s direction.  The Diamond Soul isn’t just a one-time read; it should be considered a crucial element in our daily walk with Christ.  I plan on incorporating the Diamond Soul into my study time each day with God – focusing on each stepping stone and examining what sacrifices I need to make in order for God to ‘cut’ away the unnecessary so his Character can shine from me.


  Reviewed by


  July 2020.

Editorial reviews


Pieter Minnie

“…is a detailed path leading one on the journey of reaching maturity in character, based on biblical principles presented to the reader with Jesus at the forefront.”

Learning and actively engaging in the steps to create a better you take more than just the will to do that, but requires a helpful guide to accomplish this, as George knows. His comprehensive guide draws from a series of truths, both religious and practical, catering not only to a devoted Christian mindset and lifestyle, but also applying to a motivated reader in any stage of his/her life.”

From the start of the book, it is made clear that there is a definitive movement towards the main objective. Inspired by the writer’s obvious passion and belief, we find ourselves transported in a manner that allows us to go at our own pace, as it corresponds to our personal growth throughout this read.”

Practical and engaging, this book is a must-read for Christian readers in any stage of their life...

      Pieter Minnie

     June 2019



Kay Coulter


“This author draws the reader in right away with his sharing from his own personal Christian journey in seeking to develop a character worthy of his calling in Christ. This is an excellent technique. A personal testimony is almost always effective in connecting with the reader.”


“Having a background in engineering, it is apparent this author is very organized and detail conscious. This organization is evident from the title to the conclusion and helps the reader to familiarize himself with the material. There is a logical progression from beginning to end. Under the heading, “My Late Calling,” there is a good introduction to the overall content and how the author came to discover the answers to his questions. The “Diamond Soul Character” analogy is a good one. It brings all kinds of things to mind—starting as a lump of coal, being chipped out of the rock, being cut and polished, and having many facets. The book brings these points out.”


“The body of the work covers the subject well, bringing many fresh ideas on handling old problems of humanity. This is a comprehensive work on developing character. Mr. Vasilca uses Scripture effectively, helping the reader to see the spiritual importance of developing character come to the forefront. He is honest in covering weaknesses as well as strengths and yet encourages the reader by presenting the challenge and probability of success in turning those weaknesses into strengths.”


“Overall, this manuscript is well written in that the message is strong and effective. It is easy to follow the logical, progressive thinking. In this message is a clarion call to Christians to truly be Christ-followers, walking in humility, putting others first, having a cooperative spirit, and being a servant leader. It is a message that Christians need to hear and that the secular world will be blessed by if Christians apply the truths therein.”


Kay Coulter

Crews and Coulter Editing Services

February, 2019


Tom Siebert


“….is a comprehensive Christian-living book for pastors, scholars, believers, and seekers of faith or self-betterment. Written by George Vasilca, this sweeping work contains a total of …”


“Breaking down the topics further, the author explores and expounds upon such life issues as human relationships, leadership, synergy, diversity, and the joy of service.”


“Readers will also learn how to become effective communicators through such devices as listening with the heart, as well as verbalizing with passion and speaking before groups.”


“…is both educating and edifying, and a worthwhile read that invests in one’s future pursuit of peace and prosperity, all the while serving God and making a positive difference in the lives of others.”

"...bringing many fresh ideas and advice on handling old problems of humanity..."

Tom Siebert

Member, Christian Editor Connection

March 2019

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