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Vulnerability, Fears (SH-8) Victoria Vasilca, Guest Blogger

Dear friends, I am pleased to open the door to the readers of my books who wish to offer their reflections on The Diamond Soul Series and how it has made a difference in their lives. Some of the bloggers in this series are individuals whom I've had the honor to personally coach and work one-on-one with!

Would you like the opportunity to be a guest blogger on The Diamond Soul Series? I would love to hear from you and feature your story on this blog. Please contact me by email.


Guest Blogger
Victoria Vasilca

Last week I set the background story and gave you some insight into my perspective on goals, goal setting and my why. This week I would like to set the stage for you and elaborate on why I hesitated to jump at the chance to work hand in hand with George as his team lead. It is my hope you will see how this seemingly simple request to assist him was the first stepping stone laid on the journey to honing my Diamond Soul Character.

I was so excited he had asked me to help him, but scared at the same time.

My first thought was, he must have faith in me and then in the next second, I can’t let him down. The magnitude of this request held a weight heavier than I had ever felt.

Did I have what it takes to be part of this project, did I have faith in myself to succeed?

This would mean goals would have to be set and met.

No excuses

No downtime

No matter what!

I knew I could do it…..RIGHT? I wanted to take the lead.

I have always had a strong inclination for leadership, but did I really want to be a leader?

YES, I wanted to be a leader!

YES, I wanted to be part of this amazing project.

Here we go, woah, not so fast, I have a confession—-a little secret…

You see for most of my life, I’d constantly be trying new things- finding somewhere I would fit in, or something I “thought” I was passionate about. Setting goals for the future, always starting off with good intentions and well intended promises.

I WANT TO CRUSH big goals and set more.

I have this desire to lead, this burning to be at the front, be the best in everything I do- a sport, a hobby, a job, even while volunteering for different things. I love being a part of something new! At first introduction, my dedication and eagerness to be my best shines through. Then if I sense even the tiniest bit of failure looming, with a flick of the ponytail, I’m full force in a new direction, onto more exciting endeavors and choosing something else that perks my interest. Regrettably, these careless plans usually end in frustration for all involved and the checking account a bit slimmer.


Spinning my wheels, I would sit back and ask myself why…I would chalk it up to my lack of attention, my inability to set and keep goals. I never really asked for help or advice. I wasn’t coachable, and always thinking I could do it on my own. I didn’t want to hear the truth, the things I knew to be true, spoken from anyone else’s mouth.

Here’s the crux: I don’t have the confidence inside that I appear to have on the outside. I fear failure; I’m fickle, and lack the ability to stay engaged. I want to be part of everything, all the time. I promise too much to too many, I spread myself too thin. I can’t say no, I do this because I always must have my hands in something. This crawling sense to “feel” busy, burns in my brain.

I feared this happening again.

This part of my character is personally debilitating or to say the least hinders my goals. I can set goals like it’s my job but follow through????? Well that’s another story.

Needless to say I took the position. I dove in anxiously, feeling blessed and encouraged by the faith George had in my ability to see this project through.

He planted the seed and I envisioned the success, but still lingering was my need to gain that same confidence in myself.


Maybe you can relate personally to my flaws or know someone who displays these same characteristics? Either way Im here to tell you THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

How was I to know The Diamond Soul 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character would be the book that flipped the switch, illuminating the path to my personal success?

Let me tell you…..After only a couple of pages into 5 stepping stones, I had this AHA MOMENT!

I felt like this book had been written from inside my own head! George had been in my shoes at one time, I related to his vulnerabilities. He’s been in the same boat as many of us have been in, he’s been through failure, he’s lacked vision~ his path hasn’t always been clear.

George has searched his soul for the very same things, that gnawed at me- lack of confidence, fear of failure. But instead of letting his fears get the best of him, he searched for answers. He used his own trials and tribulations to lay the stones for his path to success, laying the foundation to help the rest of us polish our Diamond Soul.

This was not my only aha moment from The Diamond Soul, there were SO MANY MORE. In the next few week’s posts, I’ll be speaking to those specific lessons that I’ve learned, how I’ve applied them in my life, and how I’ve changed my life, my family, and my community as a result.


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