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  • Victoria Vasilca

That AHA Moment (SH-9)

Guest Blogger Victoria Vasilca


My first AHA moment hit me while only a few pages into The Diamond Soul 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character. That first key lesson showed me everyone has fears and overcoming them is part of the process!

As I devoured page after page I made the connection that each chapter was a "lesson" in itself.

I was catapulted to the next key lesson integral in building my map of success.

I'll share with you my take from that next lesson when the pieces started clicking together!


If my ego would have had its way, I never would have unlocked my vault of fears and vulnerability in the last blog. Introducing you to those humbling feelings, had a purpose. I needed to declare my fears, to start understanding how I could use them as tools to reach my goals. While I was sharing feelings about my lack of confidence, my EGO screamed at me.....don't write that, don't embarrass yourself, don't tell anyone your weakness, no one will understand and you will fail. My pride was now rearing her ugly head.

I was blessed to let humility win that argument because I was understanding a greater purpose was in my grasp. I was not alone, in my fears.

I remembered 2 things:



At that moment I stumbled upon the second key for success



I needed to shed my EGO and let down my “walls” to get past my mental blocks.

I was my own worst enemy…….

I needed to humble myself because these blocks were preventing my success!

One of my favorite verses is from Proverbs 11:2

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

It’s our inner ego that causes us to fear. I know failure doesn't feel good, no one wants to fail and the fear of failure is a natural HUMAN reaction, but in reality, if we grasp our humility, pushing our egos aside, we understand that failure is our best and most honest teacher.

Now my toolbox for success had two power tools I could call on when I didn't have faith in my ability to reach a goal.

1) See the beauty of doing your very best, you will be better for trying even if the first outcome isn't the success you envisioned. Don't fear the failure, grab it, learn from it and let it catapult you to a higher level.

2) Don't let your ego get in the way of success. Humility will always push you farther in the direction of victory!

I'm so thankful to George to have given me this space to share with you the tools I've gathered this past year, tools that have helped me along the path to greater goals and achievements.


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