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  • Victoria Vasilca


Guest Blogger Victoria Vasilca

“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds

discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”



I’ve been struggling. That’s right…..I just said it. I’ve been struggling, I felt as if my goals were unattainable(once again). My clear path was mucked up with mud that others had thrown and I had to clear it before I could carry on with my journey.

I’m sure you have been in my shoes at one time or another, paralyzed by the hurdles you didn’t think you could overcome.

This hurdle was self imposed because I let myself get caught up in the actions of others and the negativity that surrounded them. I chose to dwell on their actions and get caught up in the mess they made. Instead of closing the door and opening another one ———- I chose to try and process their negative actions and thus let it adversely impact my positivity.

I didn’t quite understand the magnitude of how I was affected until I sat down and put pen to paper in an attempt to work through the thoughts flying around my head.

Woah! It was surely eating me alive. It woke me at night and invaded both my home and work life. I realized I was being consumed by what others were doing. I had to figure out how to work through it.

This past year has taught me many life changing lessons, but I still let the negative thoughts ooze under the door and invade my optimism and confidence.

My need to understand the “WHY” of someone else’s negative thoughts and undermining deeds got the best of me.

I let the actions of others affect my desire to stay on my path to success and reach my goals.

When I was a kid I remember hearing some adult call it “stinking thinking”…….and that’s exactly what is was. Stinking thinking.


I didn't do it on my own!!! I reached out to my people, people who had my best interests in mind. As a matter of fact, someone who I just met knew I was enduring some unpleasant actions and she took time to send me the most encouraging words:

RISE ABOVE and smile your beautiful smile...tomorrow will be a better day!

That’s exactly what I did. I rose above, I smiled~ I stood up even though my pride wanted me to take a different path, my dignity took the wheel back and took the higher ground.

I want to share with all of you how I made the decision and what steps I took. These steps can apply to anytime or situation where you are being dragged to the ground and struggling to RISE ABOVE the negativity.

First and foremost:

Surround yourself with people who give your spirit love, those that uplift you, who have common goals, people who have been through the same hurdles as you and were successful in overcoming those bumps in their path.


Keep your vision clear by latching onto the positive and sweeping away those sticky webs of disbelief in yourself.


Put yourself back in a positive mindset, stay true to yourself, remain accountable for your own actions and follow your moral compass.


Create for yourself a method to pull yourself back from any negative thinking patterns or self-defeating beliefs. Whether your method is affirmation, mantra or motto make sure you use it and daily.

My daily affirmation revolves around my martial arts training.

You don’t need to have a black belt around

your waist to have a black belt mindset


if you don’t have a black belt mindset

you shouldn’t have a black belt around your waist.

Your strongest muscle and worst enemy is your mind. Train it well.

One should never have to endure the feelings of betrayal, inadequacy, disrespect, or bullying the way I did BUT if you do encounter a situation that makes you have any of these feelings, it is my hopes you will use these tools and RISE ABOVE!

There are days that will be harder than others…..Somedays you just want to wave that white towel in the air and give up.

Those are the days when you have to persevere, you have to take the high road, stay humble, keep your head high and continue to have faith in yourself. This is the time when your resilience is tested and so is your diamond soul.

Remember to always RISE ABOVE,


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