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More Good Reviews about DS3

Here are some more favorable reviews on the third book titled The Nine Principles of Super-Effective Relationships.



Review #3: Review by Lesley Jones

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Reviewed By Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite

Continuing on from the two previous books in The Diamond Soul Character series, we examine a vital aspect of personal human development. How can we form perfect friendships with others and what are true friendships? What makes some friendships last while others seem to fade? Do you lack clarity when it comes to your goals and dreams? Throughout The Nine Secrets of Super-Effective Relationships by George Vasilca, you will discover how to improve personal and professional relationships, communicate effectively and adapt personality traits that people will respect and trust. You will also gain a deep and meaningful understanding of how to deal with unhealthy boundaries, conflict management, and the causes behind the breakdown of relationships. The Nine Secrets detailed in this guide will give your a clear strategy to form excellent connections with family, partners, and work colleagues. By following the techniques and exercises, you will not only form human bonds that are positive and healthy but also adapt healthy new habits so your personal aspirations and goals can finally be realized. Although I have read many personal improvement guides, this has to be one of the most informative and thought-provoking. I have gained an unbelievable amount of knowledge about human connections from the contents of this guide. I now understand a great deal about why certain relationships seem to last the test of time and others do not. I have also discovered an enormous amount about positive communication and conflict resolution. The techniques are so simple and easy to implement. I loved the Moments Of Reflection at the end of each chapter, and the questions posed really make you evaluate your mindset. The chapter on how to renew yourself brought all the teachings together so you can form daily routines that will give you a clear personal life roadmap. The analysis of character and personality was amazing, as well as the explanation of what constitutes healthy relationships. However, I found the chapters on setting clear boundaries and conflict management the most helpful. If you follow the techniques throughout this guide, you can build personal leadership skills that others will not only admire and respect but want to emulate. Although the contents revolve around improving good Christian values of trust, gratitude, and integrity, you do not have to have a religious background to enjoy this guide. I feel everyone from any background will gain so much from reading The Nine Secrets of Super-Effective Relationships by George Vasilca.

Review #4: Review by Vincent Dublado

Review Rating: 5 Stars - Congratulations on your 5-star review.!

Reviewed By Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

The much-awaited third book in The Diamond Soul Character Series is here: The Nine Secrets of Super-Effective Relationships: Christian strategies and tactics to master the art of human connection - everywhere and every time! In this volume, author George Vasilca gives you a Christian approach to help navigate your way into developing deeper and meaningful interpersonal relationships based on mutual trust. How does Vasilca do it? By using the Nine Secrets based on a Christian perspective on how our Creator intends us to establish human connections. It gets better when you discover that this focuses on that narrower group of connections called perfect friendships, and how it differs from imperfect friendships, as the former refers to relations of reciprocated goodwill while the latter is based on the Aristotelian concept of utility or pleasure. I am not a religious person, but something in The Nine Secrets of Super-Effective Relationships strikes me as unequivocally true. Proper human connection is immensely personal and cannot be resolved by theories alone. Meaningful relationships don’t come easy. Personally, I don’t believe that a simple give and take is enough to make it work. In writing about his Nine Secrets, George Vasilca breaks down the anatomy of interpersonal relationships as a dynamic system that changes during their existence. He considers it as an organism with a beginning and an end. Your commitment, therefore, becomes imperative in helping to nurture the longevity of your interpersonal relationships. Overall, if you love reading uplifting self-help and inspirational authors like Og Mandino, Vasilca’s Nine Secrets is worth checking out. It will serve as your framework to steer your relationships in the right direction.


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