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Guest Bloger Victoria Vasilca (SH-7)

Dear friends, I am pleased to open the door to the readers of my books who wish to offer their reflections on The Diamond Soul Series and how it has made a difference in their lives. Some of the bloggers in this series are individuals whom I've had the honor to personally coach and work one-on-one with!

The first guest blogger is my daughter-in-law, Victoria. She doesn't need any introduction from me, except to say she has been instrumental in the publication and promotion of my books.

Would you like the opportunity to be a guest blogger on The Diamond Soul Series? I would love to hear from you and feature your story on this blog. Please contact me by email.


Guest Blogger
Victoria Vasilca

I'm so excited to have been given this forum to share my thoughts on the The Diamond Soul Series with you.

I’ll start by saying although this past year has been full of ups and downs, I’ve found that our family has hit some amazing personal and career goals. I am so humbled to have been asked by George to assist him with his Diamond Soul Series. Not only have we been able to bond over our mutual love of books, we have shared some incredible moments while working together. I learned so much from him this past year and will always cherish these moments!

In the beginning of 2020, I started to TRY and focus myself to achieve some goals. I have never been the type of person to stay focused on one thing or task for very long. Setting goals was something other people did, what I did was try to make it through the day without chasing my tail for hours at a time in an attempt to stay on task.

Then COVID hit and we were all stuck at home like sardines in a can. Thank goodness we live in Florida and we could go outside, ride bikes, go for walks in the neighborhood and simply enjoy the fresh air! We missed the socialization of life in general, so Zoom meetings were our way to stay sane, by meeting up virtually with friends and family. We could stay active by doing our martial arts classes via zoom as well.

I lost track of my desire to achieve “some” goals, any goals at this time and just kept rolling along and riding out the quarantine.

In May, I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to be part of my father-in-law’s Diamond Soul team. I won’t lie, at first, I was unsure if this was something I wanted to take on. I had become complacent in life, BUT that evening in May when we had our first meeting, my eyes and heart opened to the chance to be included in a project that would change lives, The Diamond Soul Series. I never realized how much these books and their content would help me along the way.

I still hadn’t set my goals, I was still complacent but now I had deadlines to meet, tasks and meetings were set out for the next coming months and there was no way I was going to let Dad (George) down. My goal setting started slowly in the beginning and as time went on these goals grew some hand holds in my heart and mind.

Dad set out the tasks and we worked together like a well oiled machine. My first task was reading the book itself. I made this a goal of mine to complete it ASAP. Surely enough, when I picked up those loose sheets of paper proofs, dove in and started reading, I was overwhelmed as I hadn’t actually read a non-fiction book since before Alex was born. I remember it like it was yesterday, the day was glooming and raining heavily outside and I almost talked myself out of starting the book. I kept on reading because, you know I had set a goal. It was earlier in the day and I didn’t put those pages down for almost 3 hours straight because I was so captivated by the text that was before me. This book seriously spoke to me, in ways I never imagined it would. I related to the 5 Stepping Stones at both spiritual and secular levels.

One thing that impacted me the most in regards to Dad’s writings is his ability to help me to comprehend and absorb the teachings of the Bible without it being overwhelming. I’ve always considered myself a Christian but never could fully grasp what it meant to be Christian. I was pleasantly surprised while reading, 5 Stepping Stones to see the correlation of biblical quotes and tips to the real life lessons. 5 Stepping Stones became a daily guide for me. It was a great way to introspect on my goals.

While studying the first book in The Diamond Soul Series I found you need the right tools and to have a positive mindset to achieve your goals. 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character taught me the road is not easy, the path is not always clear, but with these two things you can do it.

I can't say enough how this past year has brought me to realize that it doesn't matter who you are, inside or outside EVERYONE has the ability to achieve greatness and conquer their goals.

Stay connected to The Diamond Soul Blog for more guest entries!

You can view George's author page and The Diamond Soul Series on Amazon.


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