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Good Reviews for my third book in the Diamond Soul series

Two Reviews

Here are the first two reviews on my third book "The nine secrets of super-effective relationships" published by Reader's Favorite. The book is available in Kindle and print edition on


Review #1: Review by Ruffina Oserio

5 Stars - Congratulations on your 5-star review!

The Nine Secrets of Super-Effective Relationships by George Vasilca is the third book in The Diamond Soul Character series and should be placed alongside The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. In this book, the author explores the Christian strategies and principles that will help readers develop strong and meaningful relationships and enjoy an even deeper human connection. The author melds biblical wisdom with elements of modern psychology to redefine the dynamics of human relationships. This book identifies the broken links in human intercourse and explains why some relationships suffer, but it provides a roadmap to making meaningful relationships possible. It shows readers what they need to know and how to go about building connections that are not just meaningful but lasting. This is a book for anyone who sincerely wants to grow and to have a strong impact on the way they relate to others. Readers will find components of emotional intelligence woven into this book as well as elements of Christian psychology. The author unearths gems from the Bible and, using the example of Jesus, shows readers how to be architects of great relationships. The book is written in an easy-to-understand language, in a tone that is both engaging and compassionate. The Nine Secrets of Super-Effective Relationships is one of the best books I have read on the art of building effective relationships, and while it is written from a Christian perspective, it has timeless and universal wisdom that will resonate powerfully with non-Christians. George Vasilca is a fresh and compelling voice in the area of relationships and personal development, a voice that will have a powerful, positive impact on readers

Two people ready to walk on the bridge of trust to each other
Bridge of Trust


Review #2: Review by Tommy Wong

4 Stars

The Nine Secrets of Super-Effective Relationships by George Vasilca is the third book in the Diamond Soul Character series. It is not just another book on relationships. This book is dedicated to a special kind of human connection called the perfect friendship. According to George Vasilca, this kind of friendship is only possible between good people having similar virtues because only they are capable of loving another person for that person's own sake. To achieve this special kind of relationship, as indicated in the title of this book, there are nine secrets. This book describes the nine secrets by covering 25 topics that include moral character, unconditional love, human relationships, emotional intelligence, verbal communication, and cooperation. Even though I’m not a Christian, I found the information in this book useful. I mean, who doesn’t like to have a perfect friendship with another human? George Vasilca has obviously done his research in gathering the information, and he has done a good job in presenting it in this book in an easy-to-read format. After George describes each secret, there is a section at the end titled “Moments of Reflection.” I really liked this section because it contains questions, which help us to think deeper about the secret. Of the nine secrets, I liked the ninth secret best as it advises us to practice daily renewal, i.e. caring for our body, mind, heart, and soul, which make up physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual renewal. For those who are interested in human relationships, The Nine Secrets of Super-Effective Relationships is a recommended read.


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