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  • Victoria Vasilca

Found Opportunity (SH-10)

Guest Blogger Victoria Vasilca

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

---H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


There are so many missed opportunities that pass us by, simply because we feel unworthy, unable or downright afraid to step up, and put ourselves out there. Don't let your true calling pass you by, because you feel you aren't good enough.

Hand Knocking on door labeled opportunity
Opportunity Knocks

I can't say enough how this past year has brought me to realize that it doesn't matter who you are, inside or outside EVERYONE has the ability to achieve greatness.

No matter what age or stage you are at in your life, you have inside the power to become a leader.

Now, I'm not saying go out and start your campaign for President, just yet....Set and reach those simple goals first!!!

Here are some steps, I recommend to reach for that leadership goal.


Look inside, ask yourself what makes a leader? Being a leader is so much more than leading: it's teaching, it's passing along good advice, it's LISTENING. Leading is sharing your skillset with others so they can benefit just as you have; it's about being kind but at the same time firm.


Just what/who are you looking to lead? You can start being a leader today, at this very moment you can lead your household, be a leader in your community, be a leader in your place of business or an activity in which you partake.


Why do you want to lead? This question is so important......because your WHY is the most integral part of the equation. Do you want to be a leader so you can help others achieve more, uplift others and to give your strength and knowledge so that another group may have success??

Now take the time to dig deep and ask

yourself, do you have what it takes to be a leader?? If you are anything like me, you have a desire to lead, you believe you can BUT you have hurdles to jump, you have to get yourself together and you think you have to be the best.

I'm here to tell you.........

Leadership isn’t about being the best. It’s about being able to connect with others so that they become their best.

Remember you have the tools for success, now have faith in yourself.


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