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Book Reviews (SH-3)

I am pleased to include two more reviews of my latest title, Seven Principles for Super-effective Leadership released by Readers Favorite.


Review #4: Review by Edith Wairimu

Review Rating: 5 Stars 01-19-2021

Reviewed By Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite

George Vasilca’s leadership guide, Seven Principles for Super-effective Leadership, draws compelling lessons from Jesus’s life and character. It is built on seven principles: moral character, servant leadership, knowledge/expertise, the right mindset, communication skills, cooperation skills, and daily renewal. In the first section, the book describes the moral character, explaining first what the word 'character' means and delving into how the character is developed. It further explains the role of the Holy Spirit in developing a Christlike character which is referred to as the Diamond Soul Character in the book, and also discusses the character’s benefits. The work explains that the Diamond Soul Character forms a foundation in understanding and incorporating the other principles contained as it determines one’s mindset, skills, knowledge, and moral authority. Similar to the first section, other sections that explain the rest of the principles dig deep into each topic. They probe the meaning of terms, evaluate each principle from different contexts such as corporate environments and personal relationships, examine the contemporary approach and the biblical approach of various topics, and offer insightful lessons in each section. Questions, anecdotes, and diagrams are also included and are useful in explaining and applying the information contained. I loved that the book presents leadership as an action or art that every person performs and its content is written with this in mind; hence, people working or serving in different capacities can also expand their knowledge on leadership by reading the book. Seven Principles for Super-effective Leadership by George Vasilca is an enlightening, well-researched leadership guide that derives practical lessons from Christ’s character.


Review #5: Review by Joe Wisinski 01-11-2021

Review Rating: 5 Stars - Congratulations on your 5-star review

Reviewed By Joe Wisinski for Readers’ Favorite

Seven Principles for Super-effective Leadership: Creative Strategies and Tactics to become the best Christian Boss by George Vasilca is a comprehensive instruction manual. It’s written for both current and future leaders. Vasilca’s definition of “leadership” is excellent: It’s “the art and practice of achieving desired results through others.” The seven major principles he addresses are moral character, leading like Jesus Christ, core knowledge, your mindset, communication skills, cooperation, and daily renewal. He also touches on other important principles, such as time management, working for everyone’s mutual advantage, willpower, self-discipline, and similar values. Each chapter ends with “Moments of Reflection,” where Vasilca asks questions as a review. Vasilca also includes a first-rate list of books for further reading. Seven Principles for Super-effective Leadership by George Vasilca is written from a Christian standpoint and the principles are mostly based on biblical principles. But the book is valuable for anyone of any religious persuasion, or lack thereof. Vasilca does a fine job of not only listing important skills but discussing them in detail. The book is well organized. Vasilca wisely uses subheads, bullet points, graphics, charts, and other elements for easy reading and comprehension. This is an excellent book for those who need to develop leadership skills, as well as those seeking to bolster their current proficiency in leading others. It’s the kind of book one can read over and over to increase their abilities. I recommend George Vasilca’s book to anyone who is responsible for leading others, or who wants to learn how.


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