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Book Reviews. (SH-2)

I am pleased to include two reviews of my latest title, Seven Principles for Super-effective Leadership released by Readers Favorite.


Review #1: Review by Romuald Dzemo 01-14-2021

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Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Seven Principles for Super-effective Leadership: Creative Strategies and Tactics to Become the Best Christian Boss by George Vasilca is a book on leadership that explores the traits of a good Christian leader. In this book, the author offers a fresh perspective on leadership based on Jesus’ core values. Readers will understand leadership as leading a life of significance and positively impacting others. It is, above all, a path towards personal growth. The book defines what a good leader looks like, following the example of Jesus, and communicates 7 key principles for effective leadership — moral character as the foundation of leadership, the style of leadership of Jesus as a yardstick to measure the effectiveness of leadership, the principle of core knowledge, the mindset of an effective leader, communication skills, creative cooperation, and the principle of daily renewal. This is a well-researched and expertly written book with a message that will appeal to Christian readers who want to lead themselves and others. The author underlines some key points and articulates, in a masterful way, on moral character, identifying traits like humility, empathy, commitment, excellence, and moral authority. The book is written in an easy-to-read style and in a voice that is friendly. Seven Principles for Super-effective Leadership is a book about leading after the heart of Jesus and I enjoyed the universal character of its message. It is not just about leading a group but acts and having a psychological make-up that benefits others and that inspires growth in others. George Vasilca is a great communicator who delivers a powerful message in a way that is accessible to ordinary readers. It is interesting to notice how the author breaks down complex concepts into actionable steps that readers can follow, asking questions that compel them to reflect on their understanding of leadership and on ways to implement the knowledge in the book. This book is a gem for anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others and in their community or organization.


Review #3: Review by Lesley Jones 01-10-2021

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Reviewed By Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite

There is no better example of effective leadership than Jesus Christ. Throughout Seven Principles for Super-effective Leadership by George Vasilca, you will discover what essential skills He possessed and share the simple but powerful Christian strategies so you too can lead with confidence and success. From developing your communication and listening skills to leading with the full cooperation of your team, this guide will give you all the necessary strategies to not only be a successful leader but a professional one. You will also learn how to achieve a strong moral character with humility, perseverance, commitment, and become a brilliant influencer. Jesus was so successful in changing outdated beliefs because He always encouraged others to imitate Him, "Follow me, learn of me, abide in me!" Discover how you can lead without coercion but a mutual desire to reach the same goal. Whether you are a manager, teacher, parent, or public speaker, your communication skills are going to propel you toward successful leadership. I found the amount of valuable content in Seven Principles for Super-effective Leadership extremely impressive and helpful. George Vasilca focuses on building a strong foundation of good moral character and personality traits that centers on mutual respect, commitment, and honor. I loved the section on the paradigm shift and the six forms of social power. The techniques and methods were so simple but will give you a core understanding of how to lead not only effectively but by example. There are incredibly helpful sections such as the Seven Pillars Of Servant Leadership and the Win-Lose matrix. I also loved the bank account diagram, this was visually extremely insightful. The strategies in this guide could be applied to not only professional management but also teachers and parents. I found the most compelling section was how to improve your listening skills and the information around emotional filters. I thought the suggestion to listen with your heart first so interesting. This is a comprehensive step-by-step manual that will definitely enhance your communication skills in your everyday life and whether you are a Christian, follow another faith, or have no faith, you will gain so much from this excellent book.


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