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Back to Writing about Leadership (L-1)

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Finally I am back at my writing desk. The last three months have been very challenging for Mara and I. I sold my house in Hershey, PA and took a secondary residence in Brossard, Quebec. We now live in a cozy apartment on the South shore of the mighty Saint Laurent River, If we stretch our necks a little, we can see the river, from the balcony as well as a partial cityscape of Montreal itself, including the St. Joseph Oratory.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank my daughter-in-law, virtual assistant, and guest blogger Victoria who has done such a good job in keeping the newsletters going out during my absence. Thanks, Vic, thanks a lot!

This is the first blog posting in a series dedicated to leadership. As you probably remember, my second book published early in the year deals with this topic. The book is available in all formats, i.e. paperback, eBook and Audio book on Amazon, so I encourage you to get it in case you have not done yet so. Amazon

As you might have noticed, the blog postings take place on a biweekly basis for the summer time. We'll make a decision to keep it like this or revert to weekly postings once we come close to the Labor Day.

In the meantime, enjoy the summer and give thanks to the Allmighty that the Covid pandemic appears to subside.


Words associated with Leadership


Seven Principles of Leadership

The seven principles which define leadership are:

  1. Principle 1 Moral character

  2. Principle 2 Jesus Christ as role-model

  3. Principle 3 Your knowledge base

  4. Principle 4 Competency in the art of leadership

  5. Principle 5 Ability to communicate effectively

  6. Principle 6 Mastering the art of human cooperation

  7. Principle 7 Your daily renewal

Dear friend, studying this material should be just the beginning of your long journey to become a better leader. I encourage you to take classes, courses, and seminars to reveal the beauty and uncover the mystery of the art of leadership. Continue to study the Word of God, mainly as it describes the leadership traits of Jesus Christ, the most excellent servant leader of all times. He is your perfect role-model to follow. Share your newly found knowledge and competencies with other people in your family, work, church, and neighborhood. Help other people to become servant leaders; mentor, coach, and inspire them.

Dear friend, read and internalize these principles , and I promise you that it will:

- Make you a much better leader.

- Put you on a trajectory of accelerated personal growth and maturation.

- Equip you with the know-how, mindset, competencies, and skillsets you need to become a professional leader.

- Move you from the current level of unaware leadership to the higher plateau of conscious and competent leadership.

- Place you on a spiral of growth that will take you closer to God.


To be continued in the next post.

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