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Author Interview (SH-5)

The following author interview was published by Literary Titan on their website on March 1, 2021.


The Essential Component in Leadership

Posted by Literary Titan.

George Vasilca Author Interview

Q: Seven Principles for Super-Effective Leadership provides readers with strategies and tactics that will help them become a better Christian leader. What inspired you to write this book? It all started from my first book, The Diamond Soul. I realized that I had a powerful concept that could be used as the basis for building leadership skills.

Q: What is the first step someone can take on their journey to becoming a better leader? First step is to build a strong moral character which I call the Diamond Soul. This will give them the moral compass which is the essential component in leadership. Then, to start acquiring the skills and competencies, all constructed on a solid scientific foundation. The art and science of Leadership is a mysterious endeavor in which morality and psychology must blend harmoniously. In my view, spirituality should provide the moral direction, while the science provides the tools and methods necessary to do the job. Although it addresses a Christian audience, I’m sure the reader will quickly realize that most principles are valid from any cultural or spiritual perspective. As an author with technical/scientific background yet with strong Christian beliefs, it has been rather challenging for me to try to balance the two. The readers will judge if I managed to do a persuading job or not.

Q: What is one piece of advice you wish someone had given you when you were younger? This is a tough one. As I look back, I realized that nobody had warned me about the long self-development road which is life. And, to tell me to have faith and be patient.

Q: What is the next book that you have planned in your Diamond Soul Character series? It is titled The Nine Secrets of Super-effective Relationships: Christian strategies and tactics to master the art of human connection, everywhere and every time. As the title says it, the book addresses issues of human connection and relationships from a Christian perspective. It should publish on Amazon in April this year.


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