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Moral Compass

Your Moral Compass is the Key to Self-esteem

Self-esteem enhances achievement and helps you forge lasting relationships. In contrast, low self-esteem may lead to depression and keep you from reaching your full potential. Low self-esteem can also make you tolerate abusive relationships and get you into other bad situations and behaviors. Defining your moral compass can be the number one factor in developing healthy self-esteem.

We all have a moral compass. It's that voice inside that tells you if someone is crossing your boundaries or if you are doing something wrong. Your moral compass is reliable if you listen to it. And the more you listen to it, the higher your self-esteem. Why? Because it builds your confidence to be able to rely on yourself and trust your decisions.

On the other hand, if you don't listen, it can lead to all kinds of actions that don't line up with who you are inside. When you're not in alignment with your moral compass, it lowers your self-esteem. And as a result, you can feel depressed and disconnected.

If you're Christian, you can turn to the Holy Spirit as a source of guidance to work on your moral compass and self-esteem. Also, try to be mindful of how you feel when you participate in specific actions and around certain people. Try to listen to your moral compass when it says you don't feel good about what is happening. Your inner compass is all about noticing how you navigate the world and aligning it with your higher power.

If you're searching for inspiring self-help books on how to increase your self-esteem, my series's goal is to help you improve your moral character, personal development, and spiritual growth. Additionally, you'll find advice, instructions, and support for people who are seeking the meaning of life. These books work with the Holy Spirit and basic Christian principles to answer questions such as who are you? It will help you examine what you know about yourself with reflective questions.

The Diamond Soul: 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character is the first in a series of three inspiring self-help books written to help you find your moral compass, be always positive, and increase your self-esteem. Please get your copy today.

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