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The Diamond Soul Character:
5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character

Dear friend,

Ever wanted to learn more about how to transform your character to mimic Christ's? Have you ever wondered about morality and its role in today's society? About the interplay between faith and reason and the importance of the moral character in shaping one's destiny? 


In this self-help book, I will show how to build a Christlike character, which I call the Diamond Soul, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


 Why do we need divine guidance? First, because we are believers, and second, because we cannot do such a huge task alone. The Diamond Soul is the result of the cooperative yet mysterious work of the Holy Spirit residing in us, and ourselves. We provide the know-how, the sweat, and the perseverance. The Holy Spirit provides the guidance and motivation.


The result? Your transformation from an ordinary believer into a highly moral and mighty Warrior in Christ.

 At the same time, I realize that the know-how, processes, and methods necessary to undertake such a massive project can only be based on science. For this reason, I draw on the fields of applied psychology, neuroscience, and human behavior. I use the latest findings regarding the undeniable bond between thoughts, emotions, and conduct. To which I add my personal observations about the role spirituality plays in this extremely complicated and volatile mix. 


This book is based on my experience and struggle in finding God and developing a moral character aspiring to the like Christ's. The battle has transformed my life and made me a better person. The new moral authority, which the Diamond Soul character afforded me, had a tremendous impact on the people around me, be they family members, friends, employees, or business associates. 

In The Diamond Soul: 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character, I use two metaphors. The first is the image of a beautifully cut, strong, and valuable diamond, to help people visualize their character crafted after Jesus' own.  This is the Diamond Soul character, the precious jewel located on top of a mountain top. The second metaphor depicts the arduous path up the slope, using stepping stones found along the way, leading to the valuable trophy on the mountain peak. Each Stepping Stone also symbolizes a new level of knowledge and understanding.


The two concepts cannot exist without another. You cannot reach the diamond on the summit unless you climb the mountain. Conversely, if you climbed any other mountain, your efforts will have been in vain, because there is no diamond on its peak.  


The book addresses the following topics:


     Chapter 1         Virtues, sins and morality

     Chapter 2         Jesus’ character: humility, strengths, firmness, courage, and patience

Stepping Stone 1. You are a Christian

     Chapter 3        Christian life and morality, purpose-driven life, becoming like Christ

Stepping Stone 2. You are a Fighter

     Chapter 4        Self-knowledge, being human, personal vision

     Chapter 5        Two-behavior patterns, proactivity, new habits, God’s plans for you

     Chapter 6        Influence, solving problems, commitments, initiative, courage and fear

     Chapter 7        Inner struggle, outer struggle, righteous moral warrior


Stepping Stone 3.  Your Godly Way

     Chapter 8        Past, present, and future, the path in life, life journey

     Chapter 9        Personal leadership, meaning and mission in life, inner talents

     Chapter 10      Mission statements, family councils

     Chapter 11      Long term planning, wealth building, money management

     Chapter 12      Christian destiny, godly way, an extraordinary life


Stepping Stone 4.  You are Disciplined

     Chapter 13      Time, time shortage, time management         

     Chapter 14      Important, urgent, Eisenhower matrix of priorities, four quadrants of time

     Chapter 15      Self-management, scheduling tools, say no, comfort zone, delegation

     Chapter 16      Self-discipline, free will, willpower, create a new self


Stepping Stone 5.  Polishing your Character

     Chapter 17      Relationships, abundance mentality, win-win, RBA’s

                             Influencing others, dialogue, verbal communications, deep listening

                             Creative cooperation, uniqueness, synergy, the third alternative

     Chapter 18      Daily renewal, nutrition, physical exercise, sleep

                             Continuous learning, curiosity, love, laugh

                             Feeding your soul, prayer and meditation, balanced spiritual life

     Chapter 19      Joy of serving others, humble servant, upward spiral of growth



Please click here to see the full Table of Contents of the book.

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