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Moral Compass & Holy Spirit


The Diamond Soul Character Series

The series' title is "The Diamond Soul Character" to indicate the centrality of a Christlike character in living a Christian life. The Diamond Soul is the moral character mimicking Christ's own, as all believers are encouraged to live a Christian life modeled after Christ. 

The purpose of the series is to discuss vital aspects of human life in which the moral character plays a prominent role. Examples are personal growth, learning effective leadership skills, building meaningful interpersonal relationships, how to achieve your purpose, etc. In fact, the series consists of self-improvement, leadership books, and relationship books, which aim to become the best in the field.

The series starts with the book titled "The Diamond Soul: 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character". In it, the author provides a solid framework for self-improvement and changing yourself.  Besides, he argues for building a Christlike character, which he calls the Diamond Soul, under the Holy Spirit's guidance.  The Diamond Soul results from the cooperative yet mysterious work of the Holy Spirit residing in us and ourselves. We supply the know-how, the sweat, and the perseverance. The Holy Spirit provides the guidance. The result? The growth of your persona from an ordinary believer into a mighty Warrior in Christ. The first book was published by Book Baby Inc. in the third quarter of 2020.

The second title, "Seven Principles for Super-Effective Leadership: creative strategies and tactics to become the best Christian boss," discusses issues related to forming young Christian leaders who should take over the torch from the current generation of seasoned leaders. The volume presents the seven principles required to place an ordinary believer on the sure path of becoming the best Christian boss he can be. Two critical skillsets emphasized in the book are verbal communications and creative cooperation. Using them, you will become a better communicator, a skilled synergizer, and employ creative leadership strategies and tactics to achieve your purpose. Without them, leaders lose their moral authority and, therefore, control over their followers. The book was published in January 2021.

The third book concerns itself with building meaningful and long-lasting interpersonal relationships based on Christian principles. Its title is "The Nine Secrets of Super-Effective Relationships: Christian strategies and tactics to master the art of human connection – anywhere and anytime!" The book reveals the nine secrets of super-effective relationships and analyzes them in detail. It aims to become the best relationship book in the series by teaching strategies and tactics to help you master the art of human connection. The book is essential for personal growth, self-improvement, and achieving your purpose in life. The book was published in June 2021. 

DS1   First Book


The Diamond Soul: 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character

Ever wanted to learn more about how to transform your character to mimic Christ's? Have you ever wondered about morality and its role in today's society? About the interplay between faith and reason and the importance of the moral character in shaping one's destiny? 


In this self-help book, I will show how to build a Christlike character, which I call the Diamond Soul, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


 Why do we need divine guidance? First, because we are believers, and second, because we cannot do such a huge task alone. The Diamond Soul is the result of the cooperative yet mysterious work of the Holy Spirit residing in us, and ourselves. We provide the know-how, the sweat, and the perseverance. The Holy Spirit provides guidance and motivation.


The result? Your transformation from an ordinary believer into a highly moral and mighty Warrior in Christ.

 At the same time, I realize that the know-how, processes, and methods necessary to undertake such a massive project can only be based on science. For this reason, I draw on the fields of applied psychology, neuroscience, and human behavior. I use the latest findings regarding the undeniable bond between thoughts, emotions, and conduct. To which I add my personal observations about the role spirituality plays in this extremely complicated and volatile mix. 


This book is based on my experience and struggle in finding God and developing a moral character aspiring to the like Christ's. The battle has transformed my life and made me a better person. The new moral authority, which the Diamond Soul character afforded me, had a tremendous impact on the people around me, be they family members, friends, employees, or business associates. 

In The Diamond Soul: 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character, I use two metaphors. The first is the image of a beautifully cut, strong, and valuable diamond, to help people visualize their character crafted after Jesus' own.  This is the Diamond Soul character, the precious jewel located on top of a mountain top. The second metaphor depicts the arduous path up the slope, using stepping stones found along the way, leading to the valuable trophy on the mountain peak. Each Stepping Stone also symbolizes a new level of knowledge and understanding.


The two concepts cannot exist without another. You cannot reach the diamond on the summit unless you climb the mountain. Conversely, if you climbed any other mountain, your efforts will have been in vain, because there is no diamond on its peak.  




Useful resources on morality and the Holy Spirit

DS2  Second Book

Seven Principles for Super-Effective Leadership: Creative Strategies and Tactics to become the best Christian boss. 

This title is the second in the series "The Diamond Soul Character", and deals with leadership issues from a Christian perspective. It follows the first title, "The Diamond Soul: 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character", which develops the Diamond Soul character's concept based on Christ's main character strengths.  


This second volume, "Seven Principles for Super-Effective Leadership: creative strategies and tactics to become the best Christian boss", is a leadership book. It provides a proven framework for developing practical leadership abilities by ordinary people. It offers competent advice on self-improvement, personal growth, and how to achieve your purpose in the context of living a Christian life. This text is not an academic textbook for use in MBA business schools or training professional managers and leaders. No, this book is to be used by the millions of common people who do acts of admirable leadership day in and day out and want to improve their leadership aptitudes. This book, therefore, addresses the needs of aspiring leaders of this country. 


If you are working as a pastor, teacher, or technician, this book is for you. If you are a healthcare worker, first responder, or National Guard member, this text is for you. Equally so, if you are a stay-home mom, teenager, or grandfather, this volume is for you. In fact, everyone interested in dealing with and leading other people will find a wealth of information that can significantly assist them. I will particularly single out the two most essential skills you need to master: how to communicate better and cooperate creatively to achieve your purpose. 


I wrote this book to honor you, the unsung leaders of this great country. Of course, I am referring to you, the millions of ordinary Americans who do acts of authentic leadership every day, some even without knowing it.  You are the silent heroes who work quietly, invisibly, and without applause. But you are as indispensable to this nation as the sun is to the earth. You do your jobs beyond the call of duty; you add that extra touch to your work every day.  You carry out your responsibilities with dedication and passion, well above what's written in the job description. You are the role-models for all to see and replicate.


This volume defines the seven principles encapsulating the essence of leadership: a moral character based on faith, a substantial competency in the science of leadership, a mindset of achieving your purpose by service, and the all-important skillsets of communication and cooperation. It also outlines leadership strategies and practical tactics to be used along the way. Therefore, it is a step-by-step instruction manual that will educate, guide, and inspire you to become the best boss you can be. Its principles apply equally to believers as well as atheists, agnostics, and people of other faiths.


Dear reader, studying this material should be just the beginning of your long journey to become a better leader. I encourage you to take classes, courses, and seminars to reveal the beauty and uncover the mystery of the art of leadership. Continue to study the Word of God, mainly as it describes the leadership traits of Jesus Christ, the most excellent servant leader of all times. He is your perfect role-model to follow. Share your newly found knowledge and competencies with other people in your family, work, church, and neighborhood. Help other people to become servant leaders; mentor, coach, and inspire them. 

DS3  The Third Book

The Nine Secrets of Super-Effective Relationships: Christian Strategies and Tactics to master the art of human connection - everywhere and every time!

The third book in the "Diamond Soul Character" series will help you develop deep and meaningful interpersonal relationships. It is the best self-help book in this highly-regarded series on self-improvement and personal growth. You’ll learn strategies and tactics to master the art of human connection—everywhere and every time! These nine secrets for super-effective relationships will help you build strong and lasting connections in every area of your life. Through easy-to-understand strategies and tactics, you’ll gain the confidence to navigate relationship problems and recognize why they happen in the first place. Step-by-step, you’ll be able to put these principles to work with friends, coworkers, family members, and your romantic partner.


With this framework for human interaction and relationship making, you’ll gain godly advice based on Biblical teachings and practical guidance based on modern science. Such guidance consists of up-to-date concepts in communication skills, effective teamwork, emotional intelligence, and more. Using them will allow you to become the best person through self-growth. In turn, this will help change yourself for a better Christian marriage,  for example. 


"The Nine Secrets for Super-effective Relationships" is a unique book not only on relationships but also on self-improvement and personal growth. Why is that? Because it pulls together concepts from various fields of human knowledge required to master the art and science of human connection. One good example is public speaking to achieve your purpose in the family or at work.

This book is the natural next step in using the Diamond Soul character and leadership traits you developed in book one, "The Diamond Soul: 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character” and in book two, "Seven Principles for Super Effective Leadership: creative strategies and tactics to become the best Christian boss." Even if you haven’t had the time to read these books, the concepts from earlier volumes are summarized in this book.r you here. 

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